India wants to create apps to compete China, but are they prepared?
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In a manner increasingly peculiarly of itself, the Indian government has (yet again) summoned its power of overnight announcements and made short work of 59 apps — all Chinese — citing threats to the country’s ‘sovereignty and security.’

A debate soon bludgeoned out of that evening’s press release and materialized…

George Floyd’s death wasn’t the first racially charged crime, and as gruesome it may sound, it won’t be the last. Across the world multiple colors of racial abuse continue to perpetrate an unfair power imbalance. But what is horrifying is — they have, so seamlessly been imbibed into our cultural…

Donald Trump and Twitter have now entered an ideological battle. Donald Trump wants to exercise control over Twitter.
A social media platform and one of its hottest celebrities enter an ideological turf-war.

Video Streaming (or OTT) has enabled TV to become more person through our smartphones and other digital devices

Digital marketing in a post-pandemic world
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The coronavirus pandemic has broken a lot more than just our global healthcare machinery. It has broken down the imaginary walls we built to conceal the fragility of our social concepts about freedom, social interactions, and work. Jobs are vanishing, and so are marketing budgets.

Perhaps the most concerning travesty in today’s discussions is the fact that an elemental necessity as education, which is often the prime determinant of a person’s choice in career and therefore his/her ability to earn- is held hostage to the towering costs of institutions.

An April 2018 report by The…

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